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Pixel Play Challenge Project Quilting

It's time once again 4 this week's project quilting. Sounded simple enough to me, pixels.
 Of course I knew what they were and so used my friend the internet to find an image that I could turn into a quick and easy quilt project. An image that came up was a darling little dolphin that immediately reminded me of my sweet granddaughter Caroline who has her stuffed dolphin, Dolphy.
Dolphy is Pink and she really loves to carry him around with her. Not having much choice of my pink Fabrics I was lucky to get the perfect fabric for this project that allowed me to show a bit of dimension in the piecing just using squares. Okay, I can do this!
But, it took me much longer than I ever figured it would. Of course then I was unlucky enough to end up with a problem with my back, probably the ruptured disc that I fight with on an ongoing basis. But starting Thursday I created a portrait of dolphy.
The pink dolphin will go and live with Caroline after our local quilt show. Don't expect to win any awards however I know people will enjoy seeing it :-)
Meet Dolphy!
Visit the challenge site by clicking here.


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